Music Studio
About Us
We are a creative bunch of artists, musicians/producers driven by a restless impulse to materialise that age-ole desire to craft n perfect our healthy obsessions of life's journey of discovery, at ever given opportunity.

To fulfill our aims we'll secure studio(s) n living premisses to support our ambitious tropical mission in an ambient location conducive to assure our sense of purpose, so making Ocho Rios, Jamaica our perfect chosen location was first choice.

This project is a result of us embracing an overdue stylised commercial assault on that ever revolving carousel of joy n despair, fashioned in cultural absurdities harassed by tech-chic we lovingly crowned popular music.

We have a charted history veiled in mystery, wise modesty guardedly forbids alfresco to the experienced-unpendant-time-waster with no objective-credible licence of sanity, hey look! If you're cool?  We're cool!
Our Services
Sound Sessions
Fully equipped air-conditioned modern recording facilities worthy of precious creative time invested visualising n crafting your next irresistible masterpiece.

Come share an ambience of musical alchemy where the impossible is at hand to become your reality without exception, each molecular resonance will be captured by melodious gravity based in rhythmic enchantment.
Demo Tracks
No time wasted, your optimistic ambition can be realised with the expedience of a lightsaber in the hands of a jedi!

Here we engineer n manifest your drive to achieve universal success in balance with the force.

Come visit n stay forever, even when your session has long faded in the distance of time, location n space.
Someone said,’’ there for the grace of a good tone, goes Pyepi who has collaborated with many local artists and has worked on various multi-genre projects across London ''

In the fast lane with players of the early 80's Ladbroke grove melting pot, in no time rubbing shoulders with the likes of Don Cherry, Mark Stewart, Bim Sherman, Sean Oliver and many others, too cool to mention.

It’s said listening to Pyepi's playing willingly or not compels a gratfying religious sense of  seduction of the mind, heart and soul, whether man or beast, of this world,  Contemplate!!!

Musician Sheldon Bernard lends his extraordinary brilliance to Spop-k's ever expanding quest with familiar zest of years in rarefied company, applauded by jamaica's finest, local n international artists .

Painter/artist, composer, poet/lyricist D. Brady